Lighthouse EVERSLAB Coin Holder Slab Storage 14-41mm Capsule

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Lighthouse Everslab Coin Holder

Sizes from 14mm-41mm

Packs of 5, 10, 15


Description: Lighthouse Everslab Coin Holders perfectly integrate into your current collection system for regular "certified coin holders" (slabs).

Rectangular coin holders with precise fit black inserts, holders made from clear and scratch resistant plastic, holders and inserts are chemically inert and free from PVC, acids, or chemical softeners, holders have labeling field and come with a blank label card to display information about your coin.


Once closed, Everslabs cannot be re-opened without breaking them. 


**NOTE: Everslab holders are meant to provide secure and durable closure. They are not intended to be as permanent as a PCGS, NGC, or ANACS holder and cannot be sonically sealed. 

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