Intercept Technology

The Intercept Technology line is available in many sizes & shapes to fit your "anti-tarnish" protection needs!

The technology was born from the restoration and protection efforts on the Statue of Liberty in New York. The technology was developed at that time by AT&T Bell Laboratories, first for their own use. It was later patented worldwide by AT&T Bell Labs, additionally by Lucent Technologies (current name: Alcatel Lucent).

INTERCEPT Technology™ provided the Statue of Liberty with a new Patina:

During the restoration of the Statue of Liberty new copper sheeting was applied and damaged sheets repaired. Using the same Copper particles, later utilized to create the INTERCEPT Technology™, a rapid patina was able to be developed that was used to apply a protective patina layer on the new and damaged copper sheets, in a record time.
The principle was then applied to modifying a polymer to make it a reactive barrier, providing an easy as well as effective solution that suits almost every application in order to protect packaged good against destructive corrosion. 
Therefore it is indifferent whether the goods are transported by sea or by air or are stored on land. Corrosion INTERCEPT® is made of high-surface area Copper particles that are permanently bonded into a polymer compound.
These particles essentially react with elements that create and promote corrosion, which are present in the atmosphere. Salts, sulphur compounds, ozone, nitrous oxides and others so called “corrosive gases” or atmospheric pollutants are found in every environment worldwide in various concentrations. 
It is known, for instance, that in highly polluted regions of Asia there is much higher damage caused by corrosion as compared to the European or North American regions. This is basically due to the higher concentration of harmful elements in their atmosphere.
Now the technology finds its way into a wide range of products and application fields in order to ensure a robust and more secure protection against corrosion and ESD damage during transport and storage, thereby reducing, in some cases significantly, process costs for the end user.
The technology’s unique method of working allows the user to tackle known problems with new approaches and subsequently increases their competitiveness.
Corrosion INTERCEPT® permanently reacts with and neutralizes these corrosive gases creating a cleaned atmosphere, a micro-environment, which protects materials inside it against corrosion and degradation caused by these corrosive, reactive gases. The atmospheric moisture or humidity that migrates through the packaging will also have these corrosive gases neutralized so that it cannot add or promote corrosion.


Today, INTERCEPT Technology™ protects against corrosion in numerous applications:

Proven, effective, environmentally friendly and economical; one packaging technology for all applications.

The advantages of INTERCEPT Technology™

Not only has the corrosion protection function been confirmed through independent tests using recognized and validated standards, but there has also been 20 years of real worldwide shipments and storage conditions which have proven INTERCEPT’s unique and effective performance in numerous cases after cases. The guarantees and liability coverage provided for the technology far exceed other known technologies and go far beyond the usual standards. Among the proven protective properties are that the products have no out-gassing of volatile chemicals (VOCs) or any volatiles, are recyclable, meet all occupational safety requirements and are not harmful to people, even in direct contact, nor harmful to the environment. Our commitment in this regard has been recognized and was awarded the 6th German Hazardous Materials Safety Award in 2005


INTERCEPT consists of copper particles with enormous surface area that are chemically and permanently bonded to a plastic structure. The particles react much readily with elements (Corrosive Gases) that are present in the atmosphere and create or promote corrosion.

INTERCEPT permanently ties and reacts with corrosive gases creating a neutralized atmosphere which protects all materials inside it against corrosion and aging. Moisture that migrated through the packaging material will be liberated from corrosive elements so that it cannot cause corrosion.

The neutralization effects and the reaction with present corrosive gases take place in a very short time (< 1h). It does not matter if INTERCEPT is placed directly near the goods to be protected, or if it is located at a greater distance from the packaged goods. This allows for new packaging concepts with higher load densities and less packaging costs.

INTERCEPT has been applied at renowned companies, in numerous industries and applications since 1984. Of course, a change in the use of a protection method does not happen just because of mere word of mouth or theoretical claims. Our technology had to prove itself under the most severe and realistic conditions encountered. 

The effects have been confirmed in numerous tests, lab tests in accordance with DIN, EN, ISO, ASTM and other norms, and through hundreds of independent shipment tests.