Guardhouse Tetra Capsule Case 2x2 Coin Holder Snap Lock 9 US Mint Sizes

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Guardhouse Tetra Snap of Choice


Description: Guardhouse Tetra coin holders are a great storage solution for your individual coins. Our plastic 2x2 snaplock cases contain a black EVA foam interior to hold your coin in place and provide a great background to let your coin shine against. Guardhouse 2x2 coin holders are made from sturdy acrylic plastic and fit perfectly in Guardhouse Tetra display boxes and white Tetra storage boxes. 


Specific Sizes available: Penny 19mm, Nickel 21.2mm, Dime 18mm, Quarter 24.3mm, Half Dollar 30.6mm, Small Dollar 26.5mm, Morgan Silver Dollar/Large Dollar 38mm, Silver Round 39mm, American Silver Eagle 40mm

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