BCW Premium Display Slab Coin Storage Holder Case + INSERTS

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BCW Premium Display Slabs + Inserts
Description: The BCW Display slab is intended for use with the BCW foam inserts to hold coins.
These holders are intended for long term archival storage of your coins.

Slab Dimensions: Exterior - 2.9 x 2.1 x .33, Interior - 2.65 x 1.83 x .12 (inch).
Size: 21.2mm diameter (NICKEL) coins including:
U.S. Nickels Liberty, Buffalo, Jefferson, $5 Gold 1840-1929 (snug), 
Bahamas 5 & 15 Cents, Barbados 5 Cents, Canadian 5 Cents, 
Chinese 1/4 oz Gold Panda (snug), Euro 5 Cent, German 10 Reichspfennig

Size: 24.3mm diameter (QUARTER) coins include:
 U.S. Quarter 25 Cent 1828 - Present, British 1 Shilling,
Canada Quarter 25 Cent 1908 - Present, 
Bahamas 25 Cent, Euro 50 Cent, Israel 5 New Sheqalim

Size: 26.5mm diameter (Small Dollar) coins include:
Susan B. Anthony Dollar, Sacagawea Dollar, Presidential Dollar, 
First Spouse Gold, LG. Cent Chain, LG. Cent Wreath,
Canada One Dollar (1988 - Present), 
Israel 1/2 New Sheqe
Size:  Holds 40.6mm diameter (American Silver Eagle) coins including
U.S. American Silver Eagles Dollar (ASE), U.S. Dollars (1794-1839),
Gold Commemorative $50, 1 oz Silver Buffalo,
British 1 oz Silver Britannia (up to 2012),
Mexican 1 oz Silver Libertad (1996 to date), 
100 Peso, 5 Peso Silver, 8 Spanish Reale,
Australia 1 oz Silver Kookaburra, Russian 4 Ducat, Barbados 5 Dollar, 
Chinese Sterling 1 oz Silver Panda, Fiji 1 oz Silver Taku

 Size 19mm diameter (PENNY) coins include:
 U.S. Cents 1858 - Present - Flying Eagle, Indian Head, Wheat and Lincoln Memorial Cents, 
British 1/2 oz Gold Sovereign, China 1/10 oz Silver Panda, Mexico Gold 5 Peso, Australia Six Pence, Canada One Cent 1920 - Present, 
Barbados One cent, Euro Two Cent, Israel 5 Agorot, Russia 50 Kopeks, South Africa 1 Rand.

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