Air-tite Coin Holder Red Velvet Display Card Insert + Model A Capsule Case 10-19mm

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 Red Air-tite Model A Display Card + Capsule of your choice 


Description: These display cards are a way to store or display one coin, bar or medallion in an Air-tite capsule. The cards are made from chipboard laminated with black embossed paper on one side and a red velour on the other side. Fits coins 10-19mm in Model A Capsule.

Measurements: 2 ¾ x 2 ¾

Inserts are also available on to fit Model A, Model H, Model I, and Bars in colors red, blue, and black.

Our velvet display cards go well with our Air-tite plastic storage box that fits 20 total display cards.

 **Coin not included**

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