Secret Coin Holder 3 Ring Green Album + 4 Encap Page Slab Round or Square Case

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  • Works well as a secret hiding place for your coin collection in plain sight. Keep things discreet in this album and no one will ever know. Hide it in your bookcase, desk, etc. and it will blend well with the rest. 



1ct Secret Coin Collectors Album 3 Ring Binder
- Holds 50ct Protective pages or 4ct ENCAP pages
Made of heavy- duty D Ring Binder 
Works great with BCW 9 / 12 / 20 pocket pages
Allows for storage of up to 1000 coins or 36 Slabbed coins.


  • 38/39 direct fit capsules or 38-40mm coins raw (without capsule)
  • Q52 2x2 square capsule- holds all standard 2x2 capsules
  • Slab capsule- holds all major brands NGC, PCGS, & ANACS - EVERSLAB & QUICKSLAB 


ENCAP pages are convenient, secure, affordable, and a snap to use! Lighthweight and durable pages allow viewing of the coins from both sides and make archiving and browsing easy. All ENCAP pages are made from crystal clear PET and are 100% PVC free. ENCAPSLAB holds 9 certified slabbed coin holders per page.


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