Black Gift Box Coin Holder Display 3x3 Case for Model A Capsule : 10mm-20mm Ring

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Air-Tite Black Gift Box + Model A Capsule and Ring Insert



Air-tite Black Gift Box 3x3 (Model A - Vac Tray Included)


Your Choice of Model A Capsule and Ring Insert


MODEL A (RING) Black or White: sizes available

10mm - 19mm for White & Black Ring

20mm black ring ONLY

Display Box Size:   3" x 3" x 5/8"


Perfect for Storage and Gifts
Black Cardboard
Vac Tray for Model A
Made in the USA

Air-tite capsules:

The Air-tite capsules are made from a crystal clear acrylic, they have no harmful yellowing agents to contaminate coins like the other competing knock offs.

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