AIR-TITE Direct Fit Capsule Holder for 1oz Silver Bar Acrylic Case Airtite

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Air-Tite Direct Fit 1 oz Bar Capsule  


Description: These are the real deal crystal clear genuine Air-Tite capsules and are a one of a kind product. Don't be fooled by other cheaply made material knock-offs. Air-Tite holders are manufactured from acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent to produce a highly durable, crystal clear holder. Each holder is PVC free and consists of 2 pieces. A cover and a base. 1 oz bar holder is designed as a direct fit capsule for 1 oz silver bars.


Inside: 1.158" x 1.985" (29.41mm x 50.80mm)

Outside: 1.375" x 2.197" (34.92mm x 55.80mm)

Inside depth: 0.098" (2.49mm)

Outside thickness: 0.224" (5.7mm)

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