Air-tite Coin Holder Storage Box Silver Gold Reflector & 7 MODEL H 26-32mm or 38/39/40mm Direct Fit Capsule

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Air-Tite PB5 Storage Box For 7 Model H w/ Insert and Capsule 


Air-tite Direct Fit Holders are made of Acrylic with a non-yellowing agent, and contain no PVC to damage your coins. These coin capsules are hard, crystal clear, and consist of two pieces that snap together providing superior long-term protection for your entire coin collection. These coin capsules are also available at The Coin Digger in Model A, H, and I.

These inserts are made to hold and store Air-Tite Model H holders, but they will fit a Direct fit capsule 38mm/39mm/40mm. Capsules will also fit snug into the slot. Each holder is PVC free.

These chipboard gift boxes are sure to make a smile with many options for inserts. Paper wrapped with a lift cover and each box features a display card and reflector backing or vac trays. Box measures: 8 1/4" x 5 3/4" x 5/8".

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