Air-tite Coin Holder Black Velvet Display Silver Insert Model A Storage Box Case

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Air-Tite Black Display Box with Silver Insert

Air-Tite Storage Box with your choice of holders, sized for Model A Capsules        (Capsules Not Included)

These inserts are made to hold and store Air-tite Model A holders, but they will fit a Direct fit capsule 14mm-20mm Capsules will also fit snug into the slot.

 Each holder is PVC free.

The holder consists of 2 pieces: A cover and a base.
These chipboard gift boxes are sure to make a smile with many options for inserts. Paper wrapped with a lift cover and each box features a display card & reflector backing or vac trays.

Box Measures : 8 1/4" x 5 3/4" x 5/8

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