25x Magnifier LED Binocular Dual Magnifying Glasses 4 in 1 Stamp Currency Lens

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★ 25x MAGNIFIER GLASSES 4 in 1 ★
Set of 2 magnifying glasses mounted on a one-size-fits-all eyeglass frame for easy hands-free operation.
10x - 15x - 20x - 25x magnification allows for analysis of minute details, such as re-gummed stamps or double-die coins.
Endless range of applications for school, studies, or leisure.
Both eyepieces can be individually adjusted, shifted, or flipped up, so that objects can be viewed with the left or right eye.
Illumination provided by adjustable LED lights mounted on the sides of eyepieces.
Also suitable for wearers of prescription eyewear.
Includes 4x CR1620 button cell batteries.
These 25x binocular style repair magnifying glasses are small and convenient for reading or magnifying small print. Specially designed glasses type 25X watch repair magnifiers are great for doing repair or appraisal jobs.
Main Features:
This LED light magnifier is constructed with metal a glasses frame and plastic magnifier casing
The angles of the LED lights of this magnifier are adjustable and easy to focus
This magnifier is great for watch and clock repair
Made of high quality and environmental friendly materials for a long lasting life
Lightweight and easy to carry
Professional for daily use
Powered supply: 4 x CR1620 battery (included)
Color: Black
Material: Metal & ABS (frame), glass(lens)
Magnifying power: 25X
Parts: 4 Pair of Lens 10x - 15x - 20x - 25x

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