Paper Coin Envelopes - 2x2 GUARDHOUSE Acid Sulpher Free White

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ASE Silver Eagles, Stamps, Small Dollars, etc.
These paper envelopes are made of heavy duty paper and feature a 1.25" tuck-in flap.
These envelopes are acid and sulfur free, so they will keep your coins safe for short and long term storage.
These envelopes provide economical, archival quality for your collection which keeps coins clean and dust free.
Protects coins from rubbing against one another causing scratches and you can easily label them for identification.
The Guardhouse 2x2 coin envelopes work for many useful needs for coins & stamps such as shipping, selling, storing, categorizing and protecting. These work very well with the Guardhouse 2x2 storage boxes for archival storage and protection and the boxes are made in the U.S.A.