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Classic Head Half Cents  (1809-1836)
Liberty Cap Half Cents (1793-1797)
Draped Bust Half Cents  (1800-1808)


  • Braided Hair Half Cents (1840-1857)
  • Flowing Hair Cents (1793)
  • Liberty Cap Cents (1793-1796)
  • Draped Bust Cents (1796-1807)
  • Classic Head Cents (1808-1814)
  • Coronet Cents (1816-1839)
  • Braided Hair Cents (1839-1857)
  • Flying Eagle Cents (1856-1858)
  • Indian Cents (1859-1909)
  • Lincoln Cents, Wheat Reverse (1909-1958)
  • Lincoln Cents, Memorial Reverse (1959-2008)
  • Lincoln Cents, Bicentennial and Shield Reverse (2009-Date)
  • Shield Two Cents (1864-1873)
  • Three Cent Silvers (1851-1873)
  • Three Cent Nickels (1865-1889)
  • Shield Five Cents (1866-1883)
  • Liberty Head Five Cents (1883-1913)
  • Buffalo Five Cents (1913-1938)
  • Jefferson Five Cents (1938-Date)
  • Early Half Dimes (1792-1837)
  • Seated Liberty Half Dimes (1837-1873)
  • Early Dimes (1796-1837)
  • Seated Liberty Dimes (1837-1891)
  • Barber Dimes (1892-1916)
  • Mercury Dimes (1916-1945)
  • Roosevelt Dimes (1946-Date)
  • Twenty Cents (1875-1878)
  • Early Quarters (1796-1838)
  • Seated Liberty Quarters (1838-1891)
  • Barber Quarters (1892-1916)
  • Standing Liberty Quarters (1916-1930)
  • Washington Quarters (1932-1998)
  • State & Territorial Quarters (1999-2009)
  • America the Beautiful Quarters
  • Early Halves (1794-1839)
  • Seated Liberty Half Dollars (1839-1891)
  • Barber Half Dollars (1892-1915)
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1916-1947)
  • Franklin Half Dollars (1948-1963)
  • Kennedy Half Dollars (1964-Date)
  • Early Dollars (1794-1804)
  • Gobrecht Dollars (1836-1839)
  • Seated Liberty Dollars (1840-1873)
  • Trade Dollars (1873-1885)
  • Morgan Dollars (1878-1921)
  • Peace Dollars (1921-1935)
  • Ike Dollars (1971-1978)
  • Susan B. Anthony Dollars (1979-1999)
  • Sacagawea Dollars (2000-Date)
  • Presidential Dollars (2007-Date)
  • Gold Dollars (1849-1889)
  • Early $2.50 (1796-1834)
  • Classic Head $2.50 (1834-1839)
  • Liberty Head $2.50 (1840-1907)
  • Indian Head $2.50 (1908-1929)
  • Three Dollar Gold (1854-1889)
  • Four Dollar Stella (1879-1880)
  • Draped Bust $5 (1795-1807)
  • Capped Bust $5 (1807-1834)
  • Classic Head $5 (1834-1838)
  • Liberty Head $5 (1839-1908)
  • Indian Head $5 (1908-1929)
  • Draped Bust $10 (1795-1804)
  • Liberty Head $10 (1838-1907)
  • Indian Head $10 (1907-1933)
  • Liberty Head $20 (1850-1907)
  • St. Gaudens $20 (1907-1933)
  • Silver Commemoratives (1892-1954)
  • Gold Commemoratives (1903-1926)
  • Modern Commemoratives (1982-Date)
  • Bullion Coins – Gold
  • Bullion Coins – Silver
  • Bullion Coins – Platinum
  • Foreign Coins
  • Ancient Coins - AUTHENTICATE ONLY


Grade Abbreviations 

PF: Proof coins  Proof. A specially made coin distinguished by sharpness of detail and usually with a brilliant, mirror-like surface. Proof refers to the method of manufacture and is not a grade. The term implies superior condition unless otherwise noted

MS: Mint State. The terms Mint State (MS) and Uncirculated (UNC) are interchangeable and refer to coins showing no trace of wear. Such coins may vary slightly due to minor surface imperfections.

UNC or BU: Uncirculated or Brilliant Uncirculated. Coins showing no trace of wear. Such coins may vary slightly due to minor surface imperfections.

AU: About Uncirculated. Traces of light wear on many of the high points. At least half of the mint luster is still present.

XF: Extremely Fine. Light wear on design throughout, but all features sharp and well defined. Traces of luster may show.

VF: Very Fine. Moderate wear on high points of design. All major details are clear.

F: Fine. Moderate to considerable even wear. Entire design is bold with overall pleasing appearance.

VG: Very Good. Well worn with main features clear and bold, although rather flat.

G: Good. Heavily worn with design visible but faint in areas. Many details are flat.

AG: About Good. Very heavily worn, with portions of lettering, date and legend worn smooth. The date may be barely readable.

Other abbreviations 
PO: Poor
BN: Brown
RB: Red Brown
RD: Red
FB: Full Bands
FBL: Full Bell Lines
FH: Full Head
FS: Full Steps
PL: Proof Like
CA: Cameo
ER: Early Release 
FS: First Strike 
SMS: Special Mint Set / Satin Finish 
SP: Specimen 
TF: Tail Feathers (on Morgan Dollars containing 7 or 8 Tail Feathers)
ENV DMG: Environmental Damage
DDO: Double Die Obverse
DDR: Double Die Reverse
RPM: Repunched Mintmark
DRIM: Doubled Rim
RPD: Repunched Date
OMM: Over Mintmark
G/VG: Good Obverse - Very Good Reverse
VG/F: Very Good Obverse - Fine Reverse
LD: Large Date
SD: Small Date
ND: No Date

Here at The Coin Digger Numismatics, we take passion in the standards of our part involving in the world of numsimatics. Offering professional authenticating as your options to verification, protection and the preservation of your collection. Not only will you get quality service and products, there will also never be a member fee associated with any transactions with The Coin Diggers. 


Every coin submitted for E&A or Examination and Authenticating is airtite sealed in our high grade safe "T' flips and labeled for personal identification along with a TCDN Certificate of Authenticity.  

All of your graded coins will be slabbed in our "High Clarity" inert polystyerine cases. Giving you long term storage with a crystal clear protected slabbed coin for generations to come. 

Each coin is preserved and serial numbered with our special TCDN seal of Authenticity. 

  • SHIPPING:  You must have your submission form filled out including authorization number accompanied with your coin(s). We recommend using USPS Priority Small Flat Rate envelope/box to ensure a safe, secure and insured travel to us. The parties agree that all coins being sent to TCDN must be packaged and shipped to strict compliance with TCDN'S packaging and shipping instructions sent with your invoice.
  • INSPECTION: The customer/submitter agrees to inspect all coins immediately upon receipt and report any damage or discrepancy to        The Coin Digger Numismatics, LLC. within five (5) business days of customer's receipt of coin(s). Failure to properly inspect, identify and report the discrepancy or error to TCDN within 5 days of customer's receipt of the coin will make the customer/submitter financially liable for any and all losses and/or claims caused by the circulation or sale of the identified coin(s).
  • LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR GRADING: All parties understand and agree that the professional opinion required in grading coins involves TCDN'S subjective judgment. Here at The Coin Digger Numismatics, LLC. we make no warranty or representation and shall have no liability to the customer for the grade assigned by TCDN to any coin(s). We do not cross grade another 3rd parties graded opinion. The main reasons for this are the possibility of the coin being damaged upon removal and for the purpose of TCDN'S grading standards being subjective to another 3rd parties grading standards.      If you wish to remove a coin from another 3rd parties slab and submit the coin(s) to TCDN, that is your option. We reserve the right to reject any coin submitted upon refund. The Coin Digger Numismatics, LLC. does not grade repairs/replicas/tokens/medals or exonumia.
  1. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR COIN DAMAGE: All parties agree that TCDN'S liability for coins lost or damaged will be limited to the damages caused by The Coin Digger Numismatics incurred while the coin(s) is actually in the physical possession of The Coin Digger Numismatics, LLC., (specifically excluding any damage incurred by shipping) and (II) the amount of damages will be limited to the true value of the coin and not based upon any insured value; and TCDN shall have no liability to any party or person for any damages or injuries resulting from removing the coin from the TCDN holder.               The Coin Digger Numismatics assumes no liability, express or implied, for coins sealed by TCDN that are mishandled or treated by the owner in a manner that results in damage to the capsule, e.g., exposure to chemicals, chemical solvents, cleaning compounds, submersion of the capsule in liquids or solvents, exposure to extreme prolonged heat, pounding, prying, or breaking of the capsule, etc.  
  • LIMITATIONS TO GRADING SERVICE: The Coin Digger Numismatics , LLC. will not issue a grade for any coin(s) not believed by us to be of genuine authenticity. Counterfeits or Replicas will be sent back at the owners expense with refunds associated with that coin(s). Problem coins will be graded if the problem is not too severe and the issue can be easily described,  "XF-40 Details Cleaned", "AU-50 Rim Damage" etc. For multiple issue coins, only the most obvious problems will be identified on the labeling of the coin(s). The customer understands that in such an event The Coin Digger Numismatics, LLC. will not grade any coin(s) deemed "Cull" or "Repaired" and any fees paid for the grading services associated with this error, will be refunded minus return S/H from the customer/submitter.

If you have questions about our grading or exams & authenticating or would like to submit a large collection, feel free to contact us anytime. We Do Not mix our TCDN coin grading services and TCDC consignment services.