Air-tite Acrylic Coin Holder Storage Capsule ONLY for Model A H and I of Choice

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Air-tite Capsule  



  • Air-Tite Brand Capsule

    to be used with Air-Tite Rings 

    for a custom fit

    Made in the USA

    These holders are made of acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent. The end product is two, highly durable, crystal clear pieces (cover and base) that snap together. The rings are made of an inert cross-linked polyethylene and serve a couple of purposes; it secures the coin in the holder, creates a barrier against air contamination and in the end presenting an attractive border to access the coin. Color choices for the rings are black or white and the holders and rings are PVC FREE which will provide superior long-term protection for your collection. 

MODEL A  (RING) :  sizes available (10mm - 19mm)

**20mm Model A is custom made to The Coin Digger,

otherwise it is normally a Model T**

MODEL H (RING) : sizes available (26mm-32mm)

MODEL I (RING) : sizes available (33mm-42mm)

Need other sizes? Check out our store for more selections available.



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